READ EARLY is an early reading  program addressed to preschool children but also to older children, who have failed to activate the reading mechanism.

Its purpose is to establish the basic principles of reading, in an easy and entertaining way, by introducing the letter as an object that has a specific name and shape, like one of the many objects, children are asked to assimilate daily.

By the moment the child is capable of decoding the graphemes into phonemes,  he is ready to activate the process of reading through spelling.

Ideally, all children one year before grade 1  should be able to  read  two types of syllables  combining two letters: consonant – vowel :  la, ka, pa and vowel – consonant :  al, ak, ap.

Once the syllable reading mechanism is conquered, it is highly unlikely for preschool children to develop any kind of  learning difficulties in the future.The main purpose of this  early reading  program is to prevent learning disabilities by  eliminating  them before they occur.