Dr. Lina Katsigri is a Neurolinguist – Logopedist, active in the fields of speech pathology – rehabilitation, brain training, brain fitness and heartmath.

She was born and raised in Athens. As a student, she suffered from learning disabilities of Dyslexia type.

She is a graduate of the University of Brussels (VUB), in Neurolinguistics andPolitics and Policy Studies(BSc).

She holds a postgraduate degree MA in Advanced Studies of Linguistics  (VUB) and a PhD on The Dyslexic Brain: A Neurolinguistic Approach to the Logopedic Treatment of Dyslexia (VUB).

Since 1996, she has been working as a speech therapist  specialized in learning difficulties. She is the creator of the Remedial Reading Training Program – EULEXIA the gift of reading, addressed to  students who suffer from learning disabilities but also to children, who simply wish to improve their reading and concentration skills.

The objectives of EULEXIA the gift of reading are to strengthen attention-concentration, build resistance to brain fatigue and install a correct reading rhythm that allows fluid and pleasant reading.

EULEXIA the gift of reading is available in English, French and Greek.

She is also the creator of – READ EARLY an Early Reading Method that is designed for preschool children or older children who have difficulties activating the reading mechanism. The purpose of this method is to introduce basic reading principles in a pleasant way, while the goal and vision of Dr. Katsigri is the prevention of learning disabilities and their elimination before their appearance.

The Remedial Reading Training Program – EULEXIA the gift of reading and the Early Reading Method – READ EARLY have been presented to health professionals, speech therapists, special educators, psychologists and teachers, who participate in the Department of Clinical Practice in Learning Difficulties at Metropolitan Studies – Metropolitan College in Athens Greece. She has also presented papers at world scientific congresses and has published scientific articles and books.

In addition to individual sessions and training for professionals programs on EULEXIA the gift of reading and READ EARLY, as a neuroscientist and certified HeartMath COACH, Dr. Katsigri organizes individual or group self-improvement sessions on the management and flexibility of brain waves, in relation to human behavior, with the aim of building resilience,  regulating emotions, personal empowerment, balance and bliss.

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